Rosenblum Plastic Surgery

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision and selecting the right plastic surgeon is critical to success. At Rosenblum Plastic Surgery, we listen to you and understand that any procedure we do is not “to you” but “for you”. We don’t ascribe to the old adage “look great for your age” but rather we help you to “just look great” at any age.

Experience our commitment to excellence and find out why life looks better when you do. Dr. Richard Rosenblum and his staff in VirginiaDr Rosenblum Beach have years of experience conducting various beauty treatments that will help you look and feel good about yourself. We have services that target specific areas like the face, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and arms. We offer both minor and major beauty treatments like face lift or brow lift. We can help you enhance and bring out your beautiful features that will instantly turn heads.

We also offer spa and non-surgical services for you. If you are conscious of your flabby stomach, worry no more. We have just the right treatment that will help you get curves in just the right places. We offer body contouring and tummy tuck, as well as buttocks, arms, and thigh lift to get rid of sagging areas. We can give you great results!